The Permaculture Community Schools (PCS) were born with the objective of creating spaces for the exchange of philosophies, practices and knowledge about working with the land and life in the countryside, through the principles of permaculture. organic agriculture and ancestral knowledge.

The working methodology in the Community Schools is “learning by doing”, where listening, observing and interacting are key principles to live the experience to the fullest.

The PCS are the projects, the houses, the vegetable gardens, the Maya cornfields and the forest of community leaders dedicated to work with the land in its different dimensions. The network of Permaculture Community Schools of Reisa have opened their most precious spaces to share with you their knowledge and experiences on: native and heirloom seeds, the design of vegetable gardens, the elaboration of organic fertilizers, livestock, the cultivation and relationship with the Milpa Maya System and the language of the forest and the territory they inhabit.

The facilitators of the PCS are young farmers, professionals, certified permaculturists, community leaders and members of the families that will host you.





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