My name is Lynn Nicte Silvestre Hernandez.

I studied Engineering of Renewable Natural Resources  at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. In 2016 I was part of the Coordinating Board of the Association of Agronomy Students, where my connection with the reality of what is happening in Guatemalan began. I identified the need to get involved in social movements that create strategies for solving problems within my community.

I am currently in Mexico doing a professional internship with a Civil Association dedicated to the education and development of communities in the low Sierra de Hidalgo that has often been subjected to marginalization. I work as a co-coordinator of development projects in 5 of the 15 communities that our associacion works with. Along with this work, I also carry out research to evaluate the sustainability of community enterprises. I have participated in regional and international workshops and meetings on solidarity economies, as well as coordination to obtain organic certifications.

I believe that the exchange of technical, scientific and empirical knowledge by REISA with young people and adults from different communities, with their cultural and ancestral knowledge, is necessary to create new and better strategies to produce food in a more harmonous way with our Mother Earth, taking into account the local resources we have around us. The way we transfer knowledge through this course will be through horizontal interactions, so that we can enrich our knowledge, taking into account our identities, constructing community, and learning how to improve our way of cultivating, producing, transforming and sharing our food. We are creating an awareness and an environment for the discovery of skills and abilities in the new generations, in communities with extraordinary people who place love, learning and trust in each other, innovating and creating a better world.

I think that creating a fairer reality is everyone’s responsibility. It involves overcoming a system in which a large part of the world is immersed, making some richer while others poorer (not necessarily in a monetary sense). This responsibility starts by educating others using what we have learned through personal life experiences. I believe that, in the transference of knowledge, our history and life experience, we can create a more just reality, united in the transmission of tools to new generations to achieve the desired of a “living well”.



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