In this course we will take participants on an introductory review of Mesoamerican ancient cultures, its ecology and the history of the region to understand its past in addition to remembering and understanding the territory we inhabit, with its challenges and opportunities. This review will allow participants to have a better and holistic understanding of the culture around nature, seeds and crops that are native from this territory.  

We will share and practice essential tools for designing agricultural production systems on a family and community sized-scale, based on Permaculture Design Methods and practices of Organic Agriculture Farming. We will explore the diversity of native and heirloom plants of the region and their invaluable contribution to nutrition and gastronomy.

At the end of the course, participants will develop Community Action Plans to implement in their homes and communities.




DAY 1: Ecology and culture of the Mesoamérica region.


DAY 2: Permaculture Design Method

DAY 3:  Soil – Creating fertility

DAY 4: Seeds – Plant propagation methods

DAY 5: Biological control


DAY 6:  The nutritional and cultural importance of native plants from Mesoamerica –  Cooking native meals.


DAY 7: Develop community action plans.



At the end of the training, the participants will:

  • have a general vision of agriculture in the past, present and future of humanity.
  • know how to carry out simple and useful soil conservation practices.
  • have the knowledge to be able to improve and maintain the fertility of agricultural soils over time.
  • be able to design, implement and manage different agroecological systems.
  • deepen their connection, interaction and overall relationship with Mother Earth.
  • be able to formulate, execute and evaluate projects at the local level and that immediately have an impact on their communities


This course is about providing the participants with the social tools that allow them to realize their visions through developing a deep sense of community and support networks for sustainability.

It includes active learning, the development of practical skills and experiential learning based in the field.

Mesoamerica Culture Workshop. Jujutla, El Salvador. 2017




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