The experiences we share offer skill-building activities that bring you to take a critical look at the social, political, and cultural impact of globalization as it relates to ecology and food production.

Learning Experiences:

  • Workshops & Courses on Permaculture + Organic Agriculture.
  • Eco-Tourism.
  • Internship program.
  • Volunteers Program.

The content and itineraries of our programs are based on:

  • Ancestral knowledge.
  • Permaculture.
  • Organic Agriculture.
  • Food Sovereignty.

We work in collaboration with “El Abuelo Family Farm”, run by the Elias Family, from the Maya Kíche ethnic,  and the “Didactic Family Farm”, run by the Morales Family from the Maya Kaqchikel ethnic. 

The Elias and the Morales Family are dedicated to the cultivation of their food and their ancestral heritage. Their visions of the world and their practices of life are reflected in their diverse organic agriculture, such as the Solar Maya ó vegetable garden, the Milpa system and the mixed forest.

Clic on the Family Farms below, to know more about the Experiences share in each of them: