I’m Gabriel Alejandro Paniagua, a young student working and training in the environmental field. Born in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, in the department of Sacatepéquez.

I identify myself as a mestizo (mixed Spanish and Mayan ancestry). Being born with a mixture of bloods and growing up in a peripheral suburb of the city allowed me to develop an interest in the social realm, and later, to identify a need to get involved in movements that seek to promote/improve the well-being of a community.

I possess a number of experiences with social issues; participating as a member of Citizen Collectives, the University Student Movement (national and international), Community Development Councils and as an independent facilitator in environmental issues for youth and community organizations.

I currently work on an agricultural production farm, Caoba Farms in Antigua Guatemala, organizing farmer’s markets with artisan producers, entertainment and tours on the farm. I am also formulating my thesis on the joint management of organic waste and solidarity economy.

The main objective of our network is to transmit knowledge acquired over time by each of its members, either empirically, technically and/or scientifically. Our responsibility as a network from a social perspective is to provide tools and materials to help the diverse youth of Mesoamerica, represented in organized groups, to identify their capacities as citizens to organize, analyze and propose changes for the benefit of their communities. We aim to especially provide technical skills that will allow for project development.

It is important to recognize that societies are collective constructions based on cultural practices. My vision of a better world starts from the actions that we generate on a daily basis. Our actions have an impact on the lifestyles of those around us, which is why my personal objective focuses on the transfer of knowledge and the interaction of multidisciplinary groups that aim to provide inputs to less favored sectors of society to achieve a decent standard of living.



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