The REISA volunteer program is a space for the exchange of knowledge and practices related to a sustainable life, based on the principles of the Maya cosmovision, permaculture, the techniques of organic agriculture, respect for diversity and cultural exchange.

This program takes place at the «Granja El Abuelo» Community School, located in the Maya K´íche´ community of Pueblo Viejo, Totonicapan, Guatemala.

In this volunteer program you will learn by doing! putting your hands in the ground and practicing with local farmers, this program is based on the annual agricultural calendar of each region, therefore the activities to be carried out on the farm will depend on the date you participate.

Your payment contributes to the sustainability of the Permaculture Community Schools program, PCS.

Covid protocols will be applied throughout the program.

If you want to participate in the Reisa volunteer program, leave us a message with your information and your email to get in touch with you:

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