My name is Erick Torres. I was born and raised in Guatemala City, where I studied Publicity and Graphic Design.

8 years ago I left Guatemala City to learn more about the life of the people in rural communities in my country and internationally. Since then I have lived, studied and worked in different rural communities of Guatemala and some countries in America, Africa and Europe,  where I have been involved in movements of traditional indigenous agriculture and the design process to create food growing systems.

Since 2010 my work experience has had a social focus. I worked as a coordinator of international volunteer groups at the Mesoamerican Institute of Permaculture in Guatemala (IMAP). I also worked as the coordinator of the School Gardens Program at IMAP for one year. I have developed and facilitated programs, courses and workshops in different countries with different organizations and groups of young people. I have had the opportunity to lead groups of  young people from: Tanzania in 2011, the United States and Europe since 2014 until today, Guatemala and El Salvador since 2014 until today,  in ecological and agricultural educational processes based on Permaculture and Agroecology.

What we do as REISA is of vital importance to strengthen the educational processes of young people in Mesoamerica. Processes guided by natural and ecological principles that show us how to related and understand nature in order to create ethical and solid proposals to start the change to a greener and healthier communities, sharing basic and essential tools to work in harmony with the soil, the seeds, our food and water.

My vision of a better world and a more just reality is too see young people in Mesoamerica having the opportunity to access  to useful, liberating and inspiring educational processes in fields of work and study related to the earth, with awareness, with the arts and healthy eating, so that they can develop fully and thus give the best of themselves to their families, their communities and the Mesoamerican Region that needs them so much.

I want to see young people believing in themselves, developing self-love, love and pride for their roots, seeing value in their community so they will want to stay in their communities and countries to build a more dignified life for all.



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