Location:  Maya K´iche´territory. Pueblo Viejo Community, Momostenango, Department of Totonicapan.

Learning and inter-cultural exchange experiences El Abuelo Organic Farm and Reisa shares:

Tour MOMOS 1

Duration: 5:30 hours.

  • Introduction to organic agriculture from the Cosmovision K´iche´.
  • Demonstrative tour around food production systems at El Abuelo Farm.
  • Dynamic talk about Maya K´iche´ Cosmovision and how it is applied in Agriculture.
  • Snack time. (Homemade, organic, traditional food)
  • Field practice: according to the season and the needs of the Farm.  Possible activities; saw seeds, crops harvesting, making compost, livestock work, etc.
  • Lunch. (Homemade, organic, traditional food)
  • Finish.

Price: Q150.00 per person / US$20.

Tour 2 MOMOS

Duration: 5:30 hours.

  • Introduction to the “El Abuelo Family Farm” and the “Pueblo Viejo” community.
  • Demonstrative tour around food production systems at “El Abuelo Family Farm”.
  • Trek: Visit to “Pueblo Viejo” community, the Mixed Forest and Maya Ceremonial altars.
  • Snacks in the Mountain. (Homemade, organic, traditional food)
  • Finish hike in hot springs.
  • Lunch. (Homemade, organic, traditional food)
  • Hot springs time!

Price: Q 175.00 per person / US$25

Volunteers Boton

– Minimum commitment time as a volunteer: 7 days. –

Learn by doing !

Support and learn with the Elias family’s in activities such as:

  • Help out with daily activities at the traditional Milpa System. (Corn, beans, squash + medical herbs, fruit trees Maya system).
  • Livestock; feed, clean, maintain and pasture Pigs, sheep, and chickens.
  • Get to help and learn how to prepare native food recipes at the kitchen of the  Elias family.
  • Work at the organic vegetable gardens.
  • Help and learn to create natural products to increase fertility in your soil, to protect your plants from pests and to nourish your crops.
  • Get to share and live the Maya K´iche´culture, in this beautiful and remote town in the middle of the mix forest.


  • Accommodation: Q20.00 per night per person / US$3.00 (Shared basic room).
  • Work in exchange for food. 3 meals per day. (Basic local food).
  • 5 – 6 hours of daily work, Monday through Friday.
  • Weekends are free time.

How to get to the Farm:

“El Abuelo” Family Farm is located 30 mins. away from Xela city in Quetzaltenango, by public transportation.

Address: Pueblo Viejo Community, Municipality of Momostenango, Department of Totonicapan.

By Bus: If you are in Xela, take a bus (chicken bus) at the Terminal de Buses by the Municipal Market, and get off the bus at the Municipality of Pueblo Viejo Community. 

Contact us if you are interested in living these experiences !

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