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At REISA, ( The Network of Intercultural Schools for Food Sovereignty )  we firmly believe that knowing and understanding the territory   we inhabit teaches us to love , preserve and protect it. Through our Permaculture and organic agriculture programs we seek to contribute to reducing the loss of biodiversity, strengthening local processes for food sovereignty, creating actions to mitigate climate change, invigorate local economies and reduce migration and abandonment of the field by the younger populations.


¿What we achieved in 2020?

1.  An online Permaculture Certificate Course

2.  We shared about 12 online workshops for the design of home gardens for young leaders of Guatemala.

3.  We strengthened the network of community schools of REISA, through the creation of the experiential education program
“Permaculture Community Schools” PCS

4.  We made 2 donations of organic seeds to a community of  women Maya weavers in the Guatemala. (San Juan Cotzal, Quiché)

5.  We shared scholarships to a group of 12 indigenous women in the Pueblo Viejo community, Momostenango, Guatemala, to attend a
Community Garden workshop. 

6. We implemented a community garden in the Pueblo Viejo community, that directly benefit 4 local families. 

7.  We integrated 2 new team members to Reisa’s team.

8. We integrated a new project from Guatemala City to be part of the Permaculture Community Schools.

9.  We strengthened our network of allies, through starting a collaboration with a young leader in Costa Rica, with whom we are sharing a  free educational space on science on our social networks.

10. We have been participating in several Instagram and Facebook live session to share what Food Sovereignty is about and its importance, to pages from Colombia, Brasil, Guatemala and Europe. 

Due to the economic situation that we are experiencing worldwide, we have seen the need to raise funds, to be able to continue with this work that is so important for our communities and for young people who do not find ways to generate money, through our educational programs we want to give them a hope of a more sustainable life, with appropriate techniques and practical solutions for the cultivation of healthy food, to generate sources of local jobs and to take care of biodiversity in the places where they live.

With your financial support you will help us to:

Keep sharing Permaculture certified courses scholarship  for young indigenous leaders of Guatemala and Central America.
Keep our Administration and communication work going. 
Keep our website active
Equip the Permaculture Community Schools

***All donations are tax deductible***

We invite you to join our network with your financial support

Our goal is to raise $ UD18,000 to be able to work 1 more year, July 2020 – July 2021

If every social media REISA´s follower donate $1 per month, we would be fully funded

Our monthly budget we need to cover is $UD 1,500

Any penny counts at anytime ! 

Help us sharing our campaign and let make this possible !

We are a project of SERES, a registered 501-c-3 nonprofit. We are delighted to accept donations through our website and would also encourage you to “pay a friend” through your own PayPal account, saving the 2.9% service charge. You can donate to our account under



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