My name is Diego Javier Pérez Morales, I was born and raised in Quetzaltenango (Xela).

I studied Environmental Management Engineering at the San Carlos University of Guatemala, specifically at CUNOC, I am currently studying a Master in Social Anthropology at the same university. I was working with an NGO as an agroforestry facilitator on a project dedicated to strengthening community organizations in forest management promoting education, training and advocacy spaces. I made my University research at the Mesoamerican Institute of Permaculture on the Community and institutional experience with Permaculture. I also volunteered in the TECHO organization supporting project management and execution community.

Currently, I am working on a personal project called Bioculture, offering professional services to promote sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature recognizing and valuing the ancestral knowledge of our culture. 

For me, being part of the Reisa is very important because education and knowledge about food security through agriculture and ecology serve as a social and political tool to generate new paradigms in the collective and individual development.

The vision I have about a better world is based primarily on the interaction that we have with our natural environment, recognizing ourselves as part of the ecosystem and generating equal opportunities for all of us to develop and contribute to nature from our space.

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