The content of our training courses is based on the principles of Agroecology and the technical processes of Permaculture Design.
Agroecology has been around for decades and much has been written about it. Its approach is multi-disciplinary, it is based on the knowledge, techniques and ways of life of the peasants, it is rooted in its natural, social and cultural environment.
A habitat designed according to the principles of Permaculture is understood as a system, in which the life of human beings is combined in a respectful and beneficial way with that of animals and plants, to collaboratively provide for the need of all.
ISA Course
DIHFE Course
The curriculum of our training courses is based on various work experiences and educational trainings that our educator team have undertaken via their time at educational centers, civil organizations and universities with approaches in Permaculture, Agroecology, Alternative Education and Resource Management. The following are several of our influential learning institutions:
    • Sustainable Settlement Course + Permaculture Design Course. CASA. Colombia.
    • Faculty of Agronomy at the University of San Carlos. USAC. Guatemala.
    • SERES. 501-c-3 Nonprofit. Guatemala and El Salvador. 
We recognize that what we have compiled in these training courses has been gifted to us through the words and practices of male and female peasant farmers, leaders, teachers of urban and  rural indigenous and non indigenous communities, technicians and academic professionals who have shared their skills with us. We have now become the channels to transmit this knowledge that belongs to everyone. We share it with humility and responsibility. We do it with a lot of love and gratitude.
El Salvador 2018


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