Soil Conservation Workshop – Tecpan, Guatemala – 2019

My name is Ana Isabel Fión and I am from Guatemala City.

Since I was a little girl, I really liked nature, so when I grew up I decided to study something related to it: Agronomy with a concentration on Renewable Natural Resources. I consider myself an enthusiast of Agroecology and Environmental Education through Permaculture Design and the principles of the Biointensive Method. I have worked as an Assistant Professor within the Faculty of Agronomy at San Carlos University in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  I have also participated in research on the agrobiodiversity of the milpa system in the Cuchumatanes region of Guatemala as well as in evaluations of the sustainability of family production systems. Currently I accompany processes of defense of water and territory in the southern region of the country.

What we do as REISA is very important because it affects puplic education, outside the formal education system. Education in Guatemala exists under a precarious system: it is a business. Only those who possess more privilage can access the educational system. Those who don’t, are condemned to perpetually live in a cycle of poverty. This form of education we are proposing is an alternative to which we are committed, in which we share tools that allow young people to improve their livelihoods.




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